Who is Fathafaka? The insane story of fathafaka trending video on Instagram

This video is trending now and it is viral. If you are on social media especially on Instagram you have seen this video. It hits more than 100 Millions viewes on Instagram and it is making many people to be funny.

This video is trending every day as it is getting old.

A person who is called Fathafaka Daily on Instagram is the one who is posting this video, He or She post this video every day on his Instagram page and the more he repost it is the more it is becoming vilar.

He is making challenge of reposting this video every single day, now he is on 45 day,  but this video keep trending because you can watch it more than 50 time and you Keep laughing as it is new.

This video hits Millions of views on Instagram every single day, the overall views on this video is more than 100 Millions, and millions of comments.

Different celebrities who are popular on the world are sharing this video on their Instagram stories and shows that it makes their day. Yemi Alade one of popular female singer in Africa was the first celebrity who have shown that he enjoyed this video. Also few hours ago, one of top rappers on the world Wiz Khalifa shared this video on his Instagram story.

After Reading Millions of comment asking more information about this video, I have decided to make a full story of fathafaka trending video.

The main question is who is the old man in this video? Why is this video trending every day?

The old man in this video is a popular movie actor and Comedian in Rwanda, the amazing story about this man that he was a soldier before he became a Comedian. if you checked well he didn’t have full tooth in his mouth. What happens to his tooth?

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As I was said, the old man in this video is a movie actor and Comedian who is popular in Rwanda, he is the oldest Comedian in Rwanda and his real name is Kayitankore Ndjori, he was popular as Kanyombya in his Country, the name he got from his first movie he acted in, where he was principal actor.

Kanyombya who is now trending as fathafaka was born in Democratic Republic of Congo in 1962, now he is 62 Years old.

He was married with his wife Umulisa Jane 45 years ago and they have two children and nephews.

Before he became a Comedian and a movie actor he was a soldier, in 1992 he entered RPA army to fight for Rwanda independence.

He is known as a Comedian who doesn’t have full tooth, but his tooth was removed during the war of fighting for independence of his Country.

After 10 years, in 2001, Kanyombya retire from being a soldier, he started new life as a Comedian in 2002 till now. Before he becomes a Comedian he have done different jobs like being a security man where he joined a security company called intersec security company, after 8 month stops this job.

After he entered in cinema as an actor and Comedian from 2002 till now he is the best Comedian Rwanda have and he is a role model to many children.

He said that his comedy talent is coming from his family, his parents and siblings were Comedian.

Kanyombya who is now trending as Fathafaka likes Rock music , football where he is a biggest fan of Manchester United and his favorite car is Suzuki Honda.

About this training video was from Interview on X LARGE TV one of YouTube channel in Rwanda, in this interview  one of his friends said that he can slap him, then Kanyombya was angry he started to scoldeing him saying he can’t say about his mother, then he said all members of family.

He was like ‘I can’t say your mother but, Father fucker, sister fucker, Friend fucker…..”. But this was comedy.

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