M.Irene’s mother died

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Journalist Irene Murindahabi known as M Irene is grieving the loss of his mother, who passed away due to illness.

This mother passed away in the morning of February 23, 2024, due to an unknown illness, but M Irene revealed that his mother had been fighting with sickness for long time.

M Irene through her social media shared with his fans about this heartbreaking story, revealing that He was devastated by the death of his mother who had been ill for long time.

M Irene said that he is devastated by the death of her mother, he testified that today, February 23, 2024, is the darkest day in his life, he wishes his mother to rest in peace and never ending.

He said “Today is a dark day in my life, may you rest in peace my dear mother, I love you, but if you wait to leave me love.”

Various celebrities, including journalists, artists, movie actors and others supported M Irene, sending him messages that keep him calm in these difficult times and wish her mother an eternal rest.

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