Muyango and Kimenyi talked about having a second child

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The goalkeeper of AS Kigali, Kimenyi Yves and his wife who is a journalist, Uwase Muyango Claudine got married in January this year, they said that they are thinking of having their second child, and when they will give birth to him/her.

These two said this on their YouTube channel ‘KM Family’ where they shared information about their lives, where they answered questions asked by people through the ‘post’ Muyango put on his Instagram page asking people to ask them any questions they want.

In these questions, someone asked them when they will give birth to their second child after their firstborn Kimenyi Miguel.

In response they said that they would follow him only if he started school. Kimenyi said, ” When Miguel will start studying because he will leave us alone.” Muyango asked him again if I had answered that question, and he said, “I said that, if he starts studying.” Muyango said “he will start tomorrow?” “That’s tomorrow,” said Kimenyi.

Another asked between them who their eldest son, Kimenyi Miguel likes, Muyango said that he loves his father very much.

He said, “Miguel and his father are close friends, he doesn’t want to listen to anything from me, but sometimes if I give him small things, sweets, chocolates. “Miguel loves me when he is sleeping, he loves me when there are things he is not agreeing with his father, and when he is with his father.”

Kimenyi, Muyango and their firstborn Miguel

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