chriss easy is going to help 10 students go to school and pay their school fees

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Singer Rukundo Christian who is popular as Chris Eazy, one of the hottest artists in these days in rwanda has decided to help ten underprivileged students to go to school and pay for them their school fees.

Chriss Eazy share this message through his page on X saying that he is now ready to give back the love, that he is shown by fans by help ten underprivileged students to go.

He said “Fam Fam❤️, As someone who values ​​the power of giving back, I would like ten (10) young people to go to school.”

In an interview with IGIHE, Chris Eazy said that it is an idea he had in order to pay back to his fans who supported him in his music journey, so they would benefit from it.

Chriss Eazy is now ready to help 10 students to go to school.

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